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Orlando City 3 – 2 San Jose Earthquakes Review

May 4, 2018



Venue: Orlando City Stadium

Kickoff:  18:30 ET

Referee: Ismail Elfath



Line-up Orlando City: Bendik – El-Munir, Tarek, Sané, Johnson - Kljestan, Higuita, Yotún – Pinho, Mueller, Dwyer

Bench Orlando City: Earl Edwards Jr., Toia, Rosell, Colmán, Powers, Meram, RJ Allen



Line-up San Jose Earthquakes: Tarbell – Salinas, Affolter, Quintana, Lima – Hyka, Godoy, Jungwirth, Eriksson – Hoesen, Wondolowski

Bench San Jose Earthquakes: Alashe, Amarikwa, Wehan, Ockford, Yueill, Bersano, Qazaishvili



2' – ORL goal (Mueller)

35’ – ORL goal (Kljestan)

60’ – ORL sub: Pinho out / Meram in

68’ – SJE sub: Hyka out / Qazaishvili in

68’ – SJE sub: Salinas out / Yueill in

69’ – ORL goal (Dwyer)

78’ – ORL sub: Mueller out / Colmán in

78’ – SJE goal (Jungwirth)

82’ – SJE sub: Hoesen out / Amarikwa in

84’ – ORL sub: Higuita out / Rosell in

90’ – SJE goal (Jungwirth)





Orlando City

San Jose Earthquakes








On target






















Another soccer show in the Orlando City Stadium as the Lions receive the San Jose Earthquakes to try keep the winning inertia they acquired since New York Red Bulls. Dom Dwyer who is really close to the 100 career goals will be excited to reach that milestone today in front of the purple crowd. Also, both team will be using recycled jerseys made from plastic and waste from beaches and oceans due to Adidas and the MLS ecological initiatives.


First Half


An amazing start for the Lions thanks to the SuperDraft rookie Chris Mueller who scored the fastest Orlando City goal in history. With 63 seconds in, the striker won a long ball in the right side of the opposite pitch resisting the defender tackle and sliding into the Quakes box. The rival goalkeeper tried to close spaces for the young forward but it was an inevitable goal. 1-0 for Orlando City.


At the 11’ Dom Dwyer sent a furious shot with his left foot to the right corner of the rival’s goal which was barely saves by Tarbell. Pinho and co. could not sent in the rebound after trying a couple more shots.


A great counter-attack at the minute 35 built by Dwyer, Yotún, Mueller and finalized by Kljestan ended in the partial 2-0 over the visitors. Sacha just slightly pushed a Mueller death-pass after and outstanding pass from the midfield which left the rookie alone and free to run towards the Quakes box.


Just after the Orlando City goal the visitors showed they were in the pitch and made a good build-up that ended in a shot which slammed the crossbar. The Lions were lucky this time.


The first half finished 2-0 in favor of our Lions were capable of controlling the entire field while creating dangerous chances. A outstanding Mueller performance led Orlando City quickly to a partial advantage on the scoresheet.  


Second Half


The crowd was heated and hungry for more at the Orlando City Stadium as the second half started. With a Lion domination, the second half seemed as a formality at the beginning.


At the minute 60 the first substitution of the match was made: Meram replaced Pinho on the front and the Lions had a pair of new fresh legs to keep looking for goals. San Jose Earthquakes also changed the machinery and at the minute 68 two changes were made: Qazaishvili and Yueill were in for Hyka and Salinas.


One minute after the visitor’s changes Meram executed a very precise vertical pass that left Dom Dwyer alone in front of the goalkeeper. The Lion killer evaded the rival’s movement and shot easily with a free goal. 3-0 for the Lions and 100 goals for the Orlando City’s main striker!


Head coach Jason Kreis decided to change the star of the night and made Chris Mueller leave the field for the Paraguayan Josué Colmán at the 78’. In the same minute the visitors shortened the difference with a goal after a corner-kick. Jungwirth revived the Quakes.


82 minutes in and the visitors decided to make their last substitution: Hoesen was replaced by Amarikwa. Two minutes after this tactical decision Kreis decided to fix some things: Higuita was out for Rosell.

At the 85 Orlando City received a penalty after a defender made Dwyer fall on the box. Meram was the chosen one to make the shot but Tarbell saved it. Still 3-1 and no Meram goals so far.


Just at the end of the match San Jose Earthquakes reduced even more the difference after another corner-kick. A Jungwirth header was too much for Bendik who could not reach it. However, the game finished 3-2.

4 straight wins for the Lions! Come one!


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