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Orlando City is conceding too much

April 12, 2018


Head coach Jason Kreis’ team is receiving a lot of goals and because of this the offensive machinery has to double efforts to comeback and get again on board as we have seen in the DC United’s, New York Red Bulls’ and Portland Timbers’ games.


In the three games the Lions have earned points the scoresheet has been opened by the rival, leaving Orlando in an uncomfortable position, thankfully, our boys have overcome. However, this particular situation is not very beneficial as we think.


6 goals conceded in the 3 matches the Lions earned points. If we add the two losses there are 10 goals received, meaning 2 goals in average.


Also, if we take away the great taste of coming back from behind and winning in the last minutes, we are left with disappointing defensive performance as the Lions can’t end a single game without a goal in our net. Although winning is always welcomed, the manners are also important.


Improving the defense is an imperative for Kreis and the players as Orlando City needs to stop receiving so many goals a match, since it’s impossible to keep coming back every single match against every single team. It’s just too much.


The defensive tactics must develop and be more capable of holding the opposition’s attacks more often if the team wants to reach far on the Major League Soccer 2018 season. Moreover, if Orlando City qualifies to playoff, it’s certain that most of the rival teams are going to be harder to beat, meaning we can’t rely on Dwyer, Kljestan, Colmán and Mueller to score 4+ or 3+ on every match.


Although many things have improved in the roster and in Jason Kreis tactics, it’s crystal clear that there are other aspects of the team that must be fixed soon, even more if we want to keep dreaming about an historic feat this 2018.


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