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What solutions does Orlando City has for its current situation?

March 25, 2018


Two losses and one draw in three games is not a good thing. The Lions are going through a difficult moment and many people are disappointed in both the players and the head coach Jason Kreis performances as a tactician. 

DC United and Minnesota United took 5 out of 6 of the Lions’ points in the Orlando City Stadium while New York City left them blank in the only away match so far. On the other hand, ahead is a New York Red Bull’s which is doing an outstanding job in CONCACAF’s Champion’s League and MLS.

What can Orlando City -possibly- do?
Get another manager

As OrlandoLionsDen reported, a great number of people think Jason Kreis should be sack and another head coach should take his place on the bench. However, hiring another manager is not always the answer as it could develop in an even worse situation for the club since, if the front office doesn’t make the right choice, the Lions could not improve their level at first and accomplish that when it’s too late.

If this is the path the Orlando City’s front office chooses , it must be a well-thought decision, taking in account all the variables at hand.

Change the offensive mentality

One of the main aspects in this current Orlando City’s roster and coaching staff have in mind is an offensive, controlling mindset on the field, meaning the players try to impose their dominance on the pitch and get closer to the opposite goal, leaving some spaces that the rivals can exploit.

Although an attacking way of playing is always fun to watch, it is not always the most fruitful way of doing things. Many big clubs all over the world tend to have a defensive play-style that actually works and bring great trophies to their showcase. For instance, Atlético de Madrid won La Liga back in 2013-2014 after a Barcelona’s reign over it. The “colchoneros” deploy a very serious defensive structure that allows them to receive just a few goals every season and increase their win-rate.

A solution could be a change of plans for Jason Kreis’ boys. Prioritize a strong defense over a strong front line could be a wise decision as would make the Lions a rough and compact side to beat. As John Gregory, a former English footballer, said: “Forwards win games, defenses win championships".

Rotate even more

So far now Kreis has used almost the same formula in the three games played: a defense that consist in El-Munir, Tarek, Spector and Sutter (who was in the bench in the last game). In the midfield Yotún, Johnson and Lindley are the main names so far.

Maybe making some changes in these positions could bring something Orlando City is missing. Benching players such as El-Munir and Tarek and letting names of the likes as Toia and Sané as starters could bring a change both on the defense and offense- Toia´s projections in attack and Sané aerial danger.

Regarding midfield, guys like Johnson and Yotún could be replaced by Rocha or Higuita more often, just to see how well they perform. However, injuries and fitness problems make impossible to start with players such as Rosell or Powers so far, meaning we need to wait till they are fully available.

In relation to forwards, injuries are also a main situation. Dwyer, Pinho and Villarreal are out of the fields and SuperDraft rookie Chris Mueller is the main target man right now.

Keep working, keep dreaming

These bad results could be just a not-so-lucky stage of this fresh-new Orlando City’s era. Things can get better with the current plans and the Lions can turn this negative aura behind and get into a winning path.

To make this possible Kreis’ players need to keep working hard and we, as fans, need to keep supporting and dreaming for an historic MLS season. 

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