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Changes Orlando City need to make to get their first win of the season

March 26, 2018


It has been an underwhelming start to the new season for Orlando City, to say the least, and this has left many fans wondering if it could get worse before the season comes to an end.

The Lions were given the chance to play two consecutive home games, yet they failed to get their season to the best possible start, they are now three games into the season and still searching for a first win of the season.

Alcoholics anonymous said that doing the same thing and expecting a different result is madness, in this article we discuss a couple of changes the Lions can make that would get them their first win of the season.

Play with more confidence:

It seems as though failing to win any of their first two games has affected the confidence of Orlando City’s players as they showed a little less confidence in their 2-0 loss NYCFC. For the Lions to get their first win of the season, coach Kreis needs to get his team confident that they can take and defend the lead in their next games.

Play with more support on the counter:

For the past three games, when the Lions are given an opportunity to counter-attack an opponent, their attackers seem to be overrun by the opposition defenders in a short period of time, this is because any player who launches the counter-attack usually finds fewer options to support him. The Lions need to develop a strategy that would help them get more men joining the attack when they have an opportunity to counter-attack an opponent.

Avoid sloppy mistakes at the back:

The two goals Orlando City conceded against NYCFC were clearly from sloppy defensive mistakes they didn’t have to make, the first being a result of a really poor back pass and the second a result of losing the ball while launching a counter-attack close to the edge of their box. This was again a show of low confidence from the Lions and they need to get focused for the entirety of a game.

With these three changes, the team can now try to win games, otherwise, they would still keep struggling and could lose games even if they take the lead. 

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