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#KreisOut is growing faster and faster

March 20, 2018


Many fans point at head coach Jason Kreis as the main reason why Orlando City is not having the results they want in the start of the season and the “feeling” is growing stronger by every game the Lions play.

Supporters on Twitter and the city itself are raising their voice with more confidence in what they think is the solution for the bad coaching


Lion moment: Kreis out. The coach’s opposition is feeling now is the time for Kreis to abandon ship and let other qualified manager take command.

Should Jason Kreis leave the Lions?

If Orlando City’s front office is planning to let the coach go this season it must be now. If the negative results keep coming, it will be too late when the solution is here. 


However, sacking Jason Kreis might not resolve any of the problems the Lions are going through and it could be actually a bad decision.

To “assure” the team will get better and start performing how it should do according to the current squad when Kreis leaves, it is necessary for the front office to choose an already-proven coach, not only in Major League Soccer, but in higher-demanding leagues. Hiring the wrong manager could bring an even worse debacle making the “anti-Kreis” fans to miss him.

On the other hand, in case an already-proven manager is hired, the probability of the Lions coming back to the victory path is really high. With Orlando City’s available roster it is almost easy to secure any capable head coach that can help OC qualify to the playoff and show an incredible tactical show on both home and away fields.

Actually, numerous fans believe coaches such as Ancelotti, Van Gaal and Luis Enrique could be a wise choice for the Lions. These three names have big European experience and a few UEFA Champion’s Leagues under their belt. 


Nevertheless, these are only fans hopes and might just be name-callings.

Here at OrlandoLionsDen we are completely in favor about supporting our own people and Jason Kreis he is still one of us. Hard times bring hard critiques but the best fans keep pushing forward to make the team keep advancing. So far now, Kreis’ future is not clear and the Lions are under his command, meaning we, as real Lions, must give our all to make Orlando City one of the best teams in the whole MLS and CONCACAF. 

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