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Should Orlando City Stadium get a sponsor?

March 1, 2018


Selling sponsorship rights for a stadium it’s a common practice in the soccer world. 


From America to Europe and Asia, many first division clubs get some sort of deal with companies to put the organization’s name on the team’s official venue in exchange of diverse advantages as revenue and benefits for the fans.

However, many people are critic about this kind of decisions since they believe it’s selling the club’s identity or losing some of the “pure essence” of football itself by delivering one of the most important aspects of the sport such as your stadium’s name just for a marketing choice.

On the other hand, there is a great number of fans that put the club’s interests in front of everything and praise this kind of deal looking forward to support the team’s economy and finances. In fact, some assure allowing big franchises to introduce and be part of the club’s structure helps a lot to develop not only the team’s public relations but the internal functioning as well, granting more tools to youth academies, staff and fans thanks to the money injection.

Big European clubs such as Atlético de Madrid (Wanda Metropolitano), Bayern Munich (Allianz Arena) and Manchester City (Etihad Stadium) allowed private companies to be part of the team’s image and it has worked since it was implemented. For instance, German side Bayern Munich created the “Allianz Junior Football Camp”, a youth academy program destined to increase and develop young players to become professional footballers.

In relation to Orlando City, it would be beneficial for the Lions to allow a big company to acquire the stadium’s rights in exchange of a positive deal towards the club, boosting the team economic sector, its finances, its world-wide recognition and the fans enjoyment when attending a match. 


On the other hand, it would help to sign better players in future transfer windows, allowing to bring footballers from more-demanding leagues.

In general, accepting a marketing accord could mean to lose a part of your identity as a club, however, in a fast-pace demanding sport such as football, adapting it’s a must-do for every team’s directive. 


To keep going forward and stay in-line with the current flow of soccer, it’s a necessity to implement this kind of changes for the greater good. 

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