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Inconveniences for Beckham’s Miami team

March 1, 2018


According to Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo, Beckham’s plans for a new franchise are getting some complications since Bruce Matheson, owner of a piece of a parcel near the site for the future stadium, appealed the decision to endorse the agreement for the 12,000 square meters of land owned by the Miami-Dade County, which Beckham's group bought for 9 million dollars.

Matheson affirms he offered more money for the same piece of land while his lawyers assures the former England international and associates received a better treatment from the Miami-Dade County, meaning there was a deal in favor.

The search for a piece of land by Beckham and co. has been the main issue to get everything ready for the new Miami’s Major League Soccer club after the former midfielder retired from football and got the chance to create a professional team. 


Rejections, legal problems and lack of approvals were the main inconveniences that stopped the beginning of this ambitious project for a couple of years.

However, after the team’s officialization last month accompanied by MLS representatives, it looks like the project is going to be a reality and this particular setback won’t be a major delay for Beckham’s plans. 

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