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Orlando City upcoming rival: The Southern Legion

February 23, 2018


As OrlandoLionsDen reported at the end of January, former England international David Beckham officialized a new club in Miami for Major League Soccer coming in 2020 season, meaning Florida states biggest soccer rivalry is about to be born: The Lions vs the “Southern Legion”.

Yes, the brand-new Miami team already has a nickname and it’s “Southern Legion”. In addition, there is a fanbase with around 4000 followers on Twitter ready to support inside and outside the stadium their soon-to-be-born club.

2020 MLS expansion will bring many changes to soccer in the United States and one of them is a huge rivalry coming to the surface of the south. Orlando City will know what it is to have another local club which disputes people’s support all over the state, bringing an amazing competitive environment to Florida and American soccer itself.

The legion will count with Beckham’s experience and fame to increase support towards the new club by Florida’s residents and a great source of funds to acquire talented -and well-known- players capable of perform on a high level in Miami’s debut season.

This new club would grant Orlando City something that it was missing since its start a few years ago: a regional antagonist willing to defy the Lion’s soccer reign over the state. In fact, this situation could mirror some state-rivalries from a foreign leagues such as the Spanish La Liga, being the most famous:

- “Derby gallego”: RC Celta de Vigo vs RC Deportivo de La Coruña

- “Derby vasco”: Real Sociedad vs Athletic Club

- “Derby valenciano”: Valencia CF vs Levante UD

However, Florida will have to wait at least two years till this amazing show happens, providing Orlando City with a couple of more chances to achieve an MLS Cup before its future “enemy” emerges from the ground. 

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