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How often does Orlando City need to play their new players?

February 19, 2018


Orlando City has been on a massive recruitment drive ahead of the new season and that was expected considering the players who left at the end of last season.


What is more interesting about the new signings that the Lions have made is that there is almost a right balance between talent and experience. While players like Justin Meram have both the talent and experience, others like Chris Mueller have only the talent and are in need of MLS experience.


While the fans hope that the likes of Cam Lindley, Chris Mueller and Josue Colman can get used to the terrain quickly, but do they deserve to be starters as soon as the seasons begin?


There are so many things to consider before choosing who should be starting for your team or not, and that is the one reason their is preseason in the first place.


Another thing to consider is that most new signings are brought in as direct replacements for outgone players and in these situations except that individual turns out to be a very poor signing, he is likely to start ahead of the other new players.


Coach Kreis has not expressly said who he signed as a replacement for one of the players his team lost last year, but there are some new players who are almost guaranteed a starting spot.


With the loss of Kaka, Justin Meram is the most experienced goal scorer in the team and the moment and he is almost certain to be a starter.


Preseason also offers more players opportunities to stake a claim for themselves. While preseason doesn’t always offer enough competitive intensity like the real league games, it is hard to ignore players who consistently perform in the scrimmages.


One player who looks like he would force his way into the Lions team and provide them with more goals is Chris Mueller. He has netted 3 goals in as many matches and looks like he is getting up to speed faster than expected.


At the end of the day, players should be picked based on how much contributions they make and how impressive they are. This means that new players who have proven they deserve to play should be given the chance to while other established names who are out of form should be dropped.


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