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Lions formation: Who should be the main goalkeeper for this 2018 season?

February 10, 2018


Deciding who will protect your goal for most matches throughout the season is a key part of having a great year. With that in mind, coaches from all the leagues choose with caution who is the best suited to do the job.

In fact, a great goalkeeper could be the difference between qualifying to the playoff or watching them from home, so it’s imperative to analyze all the data available to make the right choice and increase your chances of winning a title.

For Orlando City it will not be an easy task since among the reinforcements obtained this preseason Adam Grinwis comes to challenge Joe Bendik for the starting position, without leaving behind Earl Edwards Jr., who earned the opportunity to come to the Lions’ first team and demonstrate his abilities.

To know who is the best for the task, it is necessary to observe the statistics from previous seasons and judge the performance of each one under the goal. 


On the other hand, it is important to highlight the level of the league where they competed to determine which was the most competitive.

Candidates’ numbers:

Joe Bendik – Last season: Orlando City - MLS

First, we have the fan-favorite, 28-year-old Joe Bendik, who served as goalkeeper throughout 2017 proving that confidence can be placed on him. In fact, many fans catalog him as one of the fundamental players of the team being able to be one of the captains for the following season alongside Spector, Kljestan and Johnson.

Appearances: 33
Goals received: 52
Matches without goals received: 7
Yellow cards / Red cards: 1 / 0

Adam Grinwis – Last season: Saint Louis FC – USL

Grinwis, 25, arrived in Orlando City to make a quality leap in his career. Leaving behind the USL, Grinwis comes to the MLS to develop himself in a more demanding and competitive environment, meaning he has great challenge ahead. He emerges as Bendik's rival to play the regular season’s matches.

Appearances: 14
Goals received: 18
Matches without goals received: 5
Yellow cards / Red cards: 1 / 0

Earl Edwards Jr. – Last season: Orlando City B – USL

After showing his capacities in the USL, Edwards has the opportunity to compete in the most important tournament in the United States and to convince Jason Kreis that he has what it takes to take responsibility for protecting the Lion's goal. However, it looks like the 26-year-old player will have to train harder than anyone else as he appears to be the 3rd choice for Kreis.

Appearances: 25
Goals received: 30
Matches without goals received: 9
Yellow cards / Red cards: 0 / 0

Mason Stajduhar

The 20-year-old young guy is currently going thru a difficult situation since last year he was diagnosed with Localized Ewing Sarcoma, a form of bone cancer. After that, he was placed on the Orlando City’s injury list while he began treatment. For now, he is recovering well waiting to demonstrate what he if capable of when he is ready. 

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