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All you need to know about today’s U.S. Soccer Federation Presidential Election

February 10, 2018


With Carlos Cordeiro’s election at the National Council Meeting in Orlando, Florida, OrlandoLionsDen present all the aspects you must know to understand how this event was done and what happened in the event.

Firstly, Cordeiro will be president of the federation for 4 years taking Sunil Gulati’s position, who was president since 2006 having served up to three periods. The fresh-new president began its term after the conclusion of the National Council Meeting as previously stipulated.

In general, each U.S. Soccer president may serve up to three terms or 16 years, meaning Cordeiro could be re-elected two more times.

Only the members of the National Council vote in the election, being drawn by the following groups:

- The 91 State Associations, National Associations, and Professional Leagues.
- Voting members of the Athletes Council.
- Each voting member of the Board of Directors.
- Delegates selected by Individual Sustaining Members.
- Delegates from each National Association, National Affiliate, Other Affiliate, Disabled Service Organization and Associate.
- Past presidents of the Federation.
- Each Life Member (12 votes).

On the other hand, only the fans that are members of the Fan Council can vote on the US Soccer presidential selection. Nevertheless, only the ones that are selected as delegates can vote.
In relation to the process, the vote it’s thru an electronic system and, like United States presidential election, secret to the public. In addition, delegates only vote once.
Delegates must be present at the National  Council Meeting, meaning they cannot vote by proxy or anything related.

According to the rules, the votes are weighted as provided in the Bylaws, which stipulate that Athletes Council receives -at least- 20 percent of the votes. On the other hand, Youth, Adult and Professional councils have equal voting percentage while all the remaining delegates get only one vote each. 


1-Kathy Carter – former college player / president of Soccer United Marketing.

2-Paul Caligiuri – former player of the US national team.

3-Carlos Cordeiro USSF vice president since 2016 / member of CONCACAF Council – Winner

4-Steve Gans – attorney based in Boston.

5-Kyle Martino – former player of the US national team / TV analyst.

6-Hope Solo – former player of the US women's national team / World Cup champion.

7-Michael Winograd – lawyer / former professional player / general manager in the A-League.

8-Eric Wynalda – former player of the US national team / analyst for Fox Sports 1/FOX Sports / former head coach.


1st Round:

-Cordeiro: 36.3% (44143)
-Carter: 34.6% (42140)
-Wynalda: 13.7% (16609)
-Martino: 8.6% (10460)

2nd Round:
-Cordeiro: 41.8% (50839)
-Carter: 33.3% (40464)
-Wynalda: 10.8% (13096)
-Martino: 10.2% (12373)

3rd Round:
-Cordeiro: 68.6% (83436)
-Carter: 10.6% (12920)
-Martino: 10.6% (12860)
-Wynalda: 8.9% (10776) 

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