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Day 4 Week 3 of Training Recap

February 9, 2018

According to Orlando City’s official media, today the guys had a light training session to recover from these 3 past weeks of intense practicing.


A big part of the team focus goes to maintaining physical condition and all of the Jason Kreis’ commands are headed to improve this aspect by demanding more and more from his players, however, a rest is needed to continue this plan.


On the other hand, the Lions have Minnesota on their head so they are planning how will they start and what will be the structure for the match. Unlike Jacksonville University, Minnesota as a pro soccer club can’t be underestimated so Orlando City will have to present a serious scheme for next Saturday.




Regarding to Tony Rocha’s relationship with the new players for this 2018 season, he assured “it’s been good to know the guys” and Jacksonville’s trip served as a way to do that. According to Rocha, for the past two weeks the team has been knowing their strengths and weaknesses meaning the bonding is a main part of the current process.


On the other hand, Victor “PC” Giro pointed out the team “it’s working hard” without excluding the coach and staff. For him, everything is getting better while the team it’s preparing all the things needed for having a “big season”.


Also, PC stated he wants more playtime this year since last season he only played a few games. “I think I played 7 or 8 games last year so I hope to play more and help my team”.


However, it might be a difficult job to be a regular for PC taking in account Kreis’ words in the media day at the Stadium, where he explained all the players will have to give their everything to reach a starter position since none of them has an already-gained spot in the initial line-up. 

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