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Day 3 Week 3 of trainings: Tarek’s presence and defensive communication

February 8, 2018


Third day of practice for the Lions in this 2017/2018 offseason. Everything is going accordingly to Jason Kreis intentions as all the players are bonding with each other and improving their personal situations.


With Amro Tarek already in Orlando and being part of the sessions at Lake Sylvan Park, the backline is getting stronger as days pass by and the main defensive players spend time together.


Regarding Tarek’s arrival to the city, the former Real Betis told Orlando City’s official media that “the guys are so friendly, the coaches too. Everything’s going well” in reference to his first day under Kreis commands.


In relation to his MLS expectations, he assured it will be an easy adaptation since he played for Columbus Crew. “It was a short period but now I know the league. I think now it’s easy for me; I’m not discovering these things for the first time”, he said.


On the other hand, in a more-personal mood, José Aja explained how everything is getting better after his wife is coming to live in the U.S with him: “the truth is, now I’m a lot more comfortable, a lot happier here. I’m enjoying playing and living with her, which is so important”. According to Aja, she could not live in Orlando last year so it was “a bit difficult” for the 24-year-old defender.


However, the Uruguayan is feeling more confident and is leading the defense in trainings while giving composure to its structure. It seems the Lions’ playstyle is making the backline to move in synch with the ball, creating a strong, well-stand wall that is capable of responding to what the match requires.


Each day contributes to reach a great synergy planned by Kreis and the assistant coaches, who look forward to build a compact team, capable of controlling the ball while being prepared to recover it just after its lost.  



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