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Day 3 Week 2 of trainings: Kreis is happy with the new guys

February 2, 2018


On yesterday’s training at Jacksonville head coach Jason Kreis told Orlando City’s official media all his opinions about whole squad and the new guys on the pack.

To begin, Kreis assures everything is “really good” and he “could not be happier” in relation to the club current situation and preparations. “The commitment level and effort to train the way we are asking them to do this year has been terrific” he said.

He points out the group of leaders the Lions got this year in reference to Sacha Kjlestan and Justin Meram, not forgetting Yoshimar Yotún as one of the main players of the squad. According to him, they are the head of the spear at the moment, making big efforts to have “all the players understand what means to be part of our club”.

On the other hand, he only has great opinions about the youngsters of the team, Chris Mueller and Cam Lindley. For Kreis, both of them will be outstanding professionals with great futures ahead of them. In fact, he “does not remember being as happy as he is now with colleges draft picks”.

Talking about trainings, “fierce” is the word Kreis uses to describe these camp practices in Jacksonville, assuring competition has been a key characteristic in this new process of his Orlando City career. Moreover, the head coach feels the Lions’ mentality is great and in line with his.
Regarding the latest City’s signing, Oriol Rosell, Kreis thinks he will be a crucial player for the club because his tactical and holding position. However, he pointed out how “difficult was to get him”.

In general, Jason Kreis is satisfied with the Lions conditions so far, being their mentality and professionalism the main aspects. In addition, he remarks how important intensity and commitment are to achieve the goals Orlando City follows.
So far now, everything is going perfect for the Lions, who are building a strong side to face the MLS as one of the favorites candidates for 2018 campaign. 

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