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A complete formation only with the new signings of 2018 offseason

February 1, 2018


Orlando City used its economic power to bring many new faces and reinforce the squad, all this with the ultimate objective that is winning a Major League Soccer title.


With Uri Rosell’s transfer, 11 signings -so far- joined the Lions to be part of a young institution which has been home for legendary players such as Ricardo Kaká and very talented forwards like Cyle Larin. However, the main reason for all these great footballers to come to Orlando is a very serious project lead be head coach Jason Kreis, who is building a competitive team that can accomplish difficult goals.


Concepts like technique, communication and intensity seems to be the characteristics that defines Kreis idea of gameplay taking in account not only the focuses seen in training camps, but the new players coming to Orlando City.


For example, players like Kljestan, Colmán and Meram are perfect examples of technique as a key variable of this new Lion’s post-Kaká era. On the other hand, Cam Lindley’s and Chris Mueller’s physical condition shows that Kreis is interested on bringing dynamism to the field. Regarding communication, its Kreis duty to develop it through bonding and constant practices.


Its just matter of time to see them play and discover how well they complement each other on the pitch, showing Kreis’ hands in the new process. For now, only predictions fill our minds and give us a glimpse of what we may see on the MLS’ fields by the Lions.


For instance, here is a possible initial formation only with the new 11 signings so far:


*Many of the players are not in their main position due to the overpopulation in certain spots, meaning some of them are placed on secondary roles or potential locations they can fit according their capabilities.


Goalkeeper: Of course, as the only goalkeeper in the list of new transfers, Adam Grinwis takes the spot without any competition. With 34 games played and 11 clean sheets, Grinwis could be a geat incorporation to the Lions.


Defense: El-Munir and Allen on each side of Uri Rosell in his “libero” role, covering him. With this line of three El-Munir and Allen are closer to their main positions as full-backs, while Rosell leads all the defense from the middle.


Midfield: This region has both experience and youth. While Kljestan and Villarreal have played many times in the MLS, Lindley and Colmán come to Orlando with eagerness and expectations.


Nevertheless, Kljestan and Colmán are not in their main positions as playmakers so the they would need to adapt as right and left midfielders. However, Colmán has played as right midfielder back in Cerro Porteño.


Forwards: Meram, Mueller and Pinho as the three forwards provides the Lions with technique and lots of goals. Mueller being helped by an experienced player as Meram would grant him a quick development in the striker role. Moreover, Pinho’s velocity would help on the right side of the field.



























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