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What does David Beckham’s new MLS Franchise mean to Orlando City?

January 29, 2018


After ten years from his announcement that he would bring a new team to the MLS, former England International, David Beckham has finally announced the launch of his new team in Miami.


This is major stride for the MLS who has been looking to expand into the Miami area. Beckham had exercised the option in his contract with the LA Galaxy to buy an expansion team in 2014 and fans have been anticipating the arrival of the new team since that time.


Making the announcement today, Beckham promised onlookers that he would bring them the best team in the MLS. While many would doubt this statement it is worth knowing that Beckham is more than just a retired football star, he is also a shrewd businessman with investments and endorsements from the best brands in the world.


His profile would surely boost the MLS brand as a whole and add more fans to the league’s growing fan base. However, how does this announcement affect the Orlando City?


One of the obvious ways the new Miami team would affect Orlando City is that there would be an increase in the number of games the Lions would now play in the MLS from 34 to 36, and now reduces our chance of making it to the MLS Cup.


The Miami Franchise also brings in a new trading partner for the Lions and we would be hoping that Beckham would use his European connections to lure more European stars and legends to the MLS.


The new Franchise is a welcome development for the MLS, and coach Kreis would do well to get his team ready for an additional league game and also the new fans that this team would bring to the league.








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