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Recap: 6th day of training camp for Orlando City

January 28, 2018


The Lions already have 6 days of intense training building the chemistry and cohesion needed for the upcoming season.


As we reported before, Orlando City it’s making some major mentality changes: keep the ball moving and maintain physical composure. With this dynamic, many potential scenarios could come to the surface for our beloved Lions as they develop perfect control of the “tempo” of a match.


Having possession grants you an advantage over your rival, nevertheless, if your team has the ball but doesn’t make progression on the pitch everything becomes just intentions and, as we all know, intentions are not what win matches.

Translating your possession to progression means create many chances taking in account you dominate the ball,

however, it’s very common to see many teams passing the football without bringing danger to the opposite goal. The possession-progression concept it’s key to differentiate an effective team from a passive one.


On the other hand, a great stamina or endurance when playing is only obtained by intense training. As professional soccer players, The Lions’ physical condition must be at the top, meaning they have to be capable of resisting 90’ minutes of continuous movement.


Assuring a top physical condition means Orlando City’s players could impose their potential dominant way of playing over the opposing teams, granting a huge and significative advantage looking forward MLS title.


Cam Lindley interview


In the 5th day of training, young Cam Lindley explained to Orlando City’s official reporter how he is learning from the veterans: “I’ve talked to Will [Johnson] and Sacha [Kljestan] and Scotty [Sutter] and Dom [Dwyer] a lot. I’m just trying to pick their brains. I think that’s the most important thing as a young guy. Obviously, soccer will take care of itself but learning how to be a pro, taking care of your body, eating healthy and all that kinda stuff”.


“I asked Sacha and Will especially how they’ve played for so long. I want to figure that out so I’m not in the league and in Orlando for one year. I want to be in Orlando and the league for a while”, he added.

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