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Friendly competition in the 5th day of training for Orlando City

January 26, 2018

Another day of work for the Lions in Jacksonville, another glimpse of an offensive mindset from Jason Kreis and his staff.


Based on a video from the official Orlando City’s Twitter account, the squad worked out their attacking combinations in todays training doing a friendly competition between them.


Two teams, one objective: score more goals than the opposition on a few rounds. In general, the goalkeeper, a defense and a couple of mannequins were the only resistance against both. If you missed a goal or loosed the ball round was over.

Taking away the fun, the exercise measured decision-taking capacities in a fast-paced situation. This specific characteristic is key to be effective and to win games, and can be the difference between a major disaster and a great performance. Actually, most distinguished players as Andrés Iniesta or Kevin De Bruyne take the best decisions when passing or shooting.


This kind of training develop front line effectiveness facing the opposite goal and helps midfielders or defenders to make better choices when trying to get out of difficult situations.


With all this in consideration, looks like Orlando City will be a very aggressive team next season as we said in other training recaps. In addition, having the football for long periods might be a main aspect of the Lions and players such as Sacha Kljestan are great at this concept of the game, so he might be a fundamental part of the playstyle for this season.


On the other hand, midfielder Will Johnson told on an interview that “we have got a bunch of new guys this year, there's just a breath of fresh air". “Lot of eager young guys wanting to do well, wanting to come here and perform and make a mark”, he added.

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