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David Beckham Could Announce a New MLS Team for Miami Next Week

January 25, 2018


The well-known former England International and ex LA Galaxy captain David Beckham could announce a long-planned MLS team for Miami next week.


According to some reports, Beckham began his project to add a new pro soccer team for Florida state since 2014, just being delayed for continuous rejects about the potential placement of the stadium.


However, MLS said in November it would approve Beckham’s franchise and told BBC Sport that the former English player is “making progress toward finalizing an expansion club for Miami, Florida”.


On the other hand, The Miami Herald and Associated Press’ sources assures the official announcement will be on Monday. In addition, Miami’s County mayor has “an event on his calendar" according to mayor’s office.


The new MLS club in Miami would be fueled by David Beckham alongside NBA superstar Lebron James, making it a big-deal project for sports fans. Beckham has said previously how creating a club for Miami was a “childhood dream”.


If this audacious project sees the light of the day it would mean Florida will have two big pro soccer clubs in MLS, making a potential derby rivalry between Orlando City and Beckham’s team, increasing competitiveness for The Lions and MLS itself.


In fact, if Beckham’s team is well driven, it could break Florida state in two separate fans groups, bringing an amazing atmosphere for football matches. Nevertheless, the English superstar will need to do things right if he intends to make his new club reach Orlando City’s level of play and support from the fans.


OrlandoLionsDen will be reporting about this new club so stay in touch to get the latest news.


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