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How good was Kaká in Orlando City?

January 19, 2018

As we all know, Ricardo Izecson Dos Santos Leite A.K.A “Kaká”, is one of the best football players on history so far for his exquisite type of playing and for winning the most important trophies of this sport, including UEFA Champions League, Confederations Cup and the mighty World Cup. In addition, he was the last person to win a Ballon D’or over Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, a pair that changed soccer history.


At AC Milan, Kaká became the perfect offensive midfielder: sprint, dribble, finishing and attitude. For Brazil, he conquered every tournament that was out there alongside with great teammates as Ronaldinho, who retired recently, Ronaldo Nazario, who is maybe the deadliest striker of history, and Rivaldo, a skillful creative midfielder with amazing technique. 


Now, in 2018, after he played at MLS for a few years to show his abilities to a new crowd and retired from professional soccer, we ask ourselves, how good was he on Orlando City as a “Franchice Player”? Here are the numbers.


2014/2015 Season in MLS


Be careful boys, Kaká is in town. His first season at Orlando City was a mediatic boom and every football fan thought about the city of Orlando as the new home for a legend.


29 games played / 29 starting.

2580’ minutes played.

5 yellows card / 1 red card.

9 goals / 6 assists.


Orlando City didn’t win MLS trophy but Kaká was indeed good for a first time in US. He showed his creativeness, dribble and passing accuracy. Only one mistake: he was sent off, but nobody is perfect right?


2015/2016 Season in MLS


Now, already adapted to his team and the league, it was time to do better.

24 games played / 23 starting.

1956’ minutes played.

Only two yellow cards.

9 goals / 9 assists.


Still no trophy this season but consistent statistics. He managed to keep scoring and improve his assisting numbers. On the other hand, he wasn’t sent off and reduced his yellow cards to only two. Good Brazilian boy.


2016/2017 Season in MLS


With 35 years, Kaká was (sadly) playing his last season and no one had a clue.


23 games played / 18 starting.

1565’ minutes played.

6 yellow cards / 1 red card.

6 goals / 4 assists.


No title. Less minutes and 1 yellow card more than his first Orlando City’s season. Nevertheless, he scored and contributed with playmaking as always. Worst thing? Kaká leaves football.




No MLS titles.

76 games played / 70 starting.

6101’ minutes played.

13 yellow cards / 2 red cards.

24 goals / 19 assists.


In general, Kaká gave color to the squad, not only with his presence and background career, but with his technique and performance. 24 goals in 76 matches for a 32+ years-old player is definitely good and shows how talent can give an extra when legs don’t.


For a club like Orlando City it was an opportunity to receive a magnificent player as Kaká, and is an honor to be the last competitive club for a Legend like him. 



At the end, great players impact on matches isn’t measured on how many frenetic runs and successful skill moves are done by them, but by how thru their capacities they develop their teammates abilities and mindset.

Kaká, with no doubt, was one on those players in Orlando City.


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