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Cyle Larin transfer saga: A few of the many questions that needs to be answered

January 16, 2018



The recent Cyle Larin transfer saga has brought back memories of the Fabian Castillo saga between FC Dallas and Trabzonspor in 2016.


Many would feel that episode between an MLS side and a Turkish Superlig team would have help to avoid the Larin conflict, but here we are again dealing with almost the same issue.


Larin was announced by Besiktas as their new signing last week despite him still having a contract with Orlando City.

In the eyes of even the layman, this was a major flaw on the path of the Turkish side as well as the Canadian international.


However, it is not that simple, and several questions are begging to be



Larin’s deal with the Lions was supposed to have expired in December last year, but the player seems to have forgotten or may have deliberately tried to overlook the fact that Orlando City had the option of extending his contract for two more years, an option the Lions have exercised.


The first question to be asked is, did Besiktas know that Larin was still under contract? Apparently, Yes.


According to the Turkish side’s president, "Larin's contract was due to end on 31st of December, 2017 but apparently, Orlando City has extended it, they exercised their right to extend the contract without asking the player's approval…”


The above statement shows the Turkish side deliberately avoided doing the right thing which is to reach out to Orlando City for clarification before even getting him to do his medical, despite knowing it would make the situation complicated.


Perhaps their desire to replace the out gone Cenk Tosun had clouded their thinking.


On his path, Larin should also have advisers who are tasked with guiding him in decisions like this because this single act can get him banned for a lengthy period.


Larin should have been aware of simple rules of engagement, or did he also try to play smart?


According to Besiktas president, any repercussion of this deal gone wrong would be shouldered by Larin, a statement that clearly shows that Larin had perhaps assured them that his contract with the Lions

had expired.


A statement by Orlando on this issue indicates that the player is still on their books, and their threat to “take all necessary action against Besiktas” raises another question: Are Orlando right to activate an extension of Larin’s contract without his consent?


By all indications, this is set to be another long legal battle that Fans of Orlando would hope their team ends up winners.


Larin has been ordered to return for pre-season training later this month, it is unclear what his next action would be at the moment, but we all know the Canadian wants a move to Europe.


After scoring 43 goals in 87 games over the past three seasons, he would not want to leave the Orlando City fan base with a bad reputation.


Another question worth answering is, would Orlando City prefer to keep an unhappy player in their team rather than reach an agreement with Besiktas for his transfer?


Whichever way this ends, we hope there would be no losers, only winners.

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